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Learning for energy users citizens
Lessons information EnergoClub for citizens "The house efficiently"

Verification of energy wastage in the home through the application of the Protocol EnergoClub
 – Learning how to use energy at home in a conscious way, to improve efficiency, break down waste energy and clean up the city.

"The total energy consumption of the individual sphere (residence and transport) accounts for more than 55%: our chance to be a leader in energy problem by making speeches, even without waiting for the help of the state, by changing certain behaviors to reduce our consumption energy in our house.
A Euro invested today will lead to savings ranging from 2 to 8 euros in the next 10 years. Which bank may assure a return so high? -
Eng. Gianfranco Padovan, President EnergoClub "

The course, organized three meetings, including evenings, to help identify points of the house in which wastes more energy. Thanks to the Protocol EnergClub will be possible to identify priorities for action to reduce consumption by at least 30%.
The priorities will take into account the behavioral aspects (reduce consumption by changing some habits), and structural aspects (insulation of walls, doors and windows of choice, choice and maintenance of equipment, etc..). At the end of the route will citizenship:
• identified points more waste at home and received an overview of possible improvements;
• received information on incentives available;
• learned to evaluate and compare different proposals and quotations;
• increased awareness on the issues of energy efficiency;
• verified the importance of achieving the goals set by the Kyoto Protocol.
For concerned citizens, at the end of the path, you can arrange a custom check on the state Energy own home or shop, office, business, etc.. Receiving a report of priorities for action to reduce energy consumption to a default value.

Cost and requirements for the activation.
The cost is to be agreed and municipal load.
The speech will be activated with at least 15 participants.
Checkup: home 150 euros (including membership of EnergoClub for one year); shops, offices, etc.. To be agreed.


For clarification: , Francesco Pasqualin
For proposals:, Gianfranco Padovan
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